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SUGARPLUMM can best be described as a family live-action Christmas fantasy in the tradition of RUDOLPH, THE RED-NOSED REINDEER meets THE NEVERENDING STORY. Although the story elements are under tight wrap, this holiday tale of making dreams come true is full of warmth, adventure and life-lessons, and is sure to be an instant holiday classic.




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Three unlikely friends set out on a journey to find the dreaded Ghost of Captain LeRouge whose treasure laden ship was lost in the Louisiana bayou over two hundred years ago.

What they find is an adventure beyond their wildest imaginations and the magical swamp creature Labou whose whistles are rumored to be the original inspiration for jazz. With the help of Labou, the kids race to stay one step ahead of two crazy oil tycoons and discover the long lost treasure in time to save the swamps from destruction. Irresistible, sweet, and touching, LABOU will take you on an adventure ride that will have the entire family laughing and whistling for more!



Unable to please his girlfriend in bed, record executive Andy Conners (Josh Meyers) embarks on a quest to become a better lover. What he and his best friend (Eugene Byrd) discover is that the cures to the bedroom aren't necessarily in your skills but how you treat your partner. Meanwhile, his girlfriend Lauren (Krysten Ritter) feels emotionally abandoned and dates an old flame (Ian Somerhalder) and wonders if Andy is really "the one". With a little help from unexpected places, Andy races to save their relationship and finally tell Lauren how he really feels. Funny, edgy, and honest, HOW TO MAKE LOVE TO A WOMAN takes you on an eye-opening journey that will prove the right answers are not always as simple as HOW TO MAKE LOVE TO A WOMAN.



In the not-so-distant future, Captain Jordan Strider (Zack Ward), a Special Forces Officer in the New World Alliance, is chosen for a top-secret mission. Sent to a desolate planet, Terra 219, to arrest possible traitors to the Alliance, Strider must survive with only a government issued experimental suit as protection. He quickly learns of a plan to end all humanity and the Captain now faces a choice -- to continue as instructed on his mission or chose his new mission, to save the world.



The 10 episode web series ALIEN NINJA is a sci-fi comedy filmed in Hawaii set to be aired as mobile web and internet content around the world. The story can best be described as MORTAL COMBAT meets LILO AND STITCH, utilizing state-of-the-art special effects. This web series will be the first step in launching a Sci-Fi Web Channel which will cater to true Sci-Fi fans and viewers who are looking for quality content online and through their cell phones.